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Cagsawa Ruins in Bicol

Cagsawa Ruins In Bicol Philippines

Cagsawa Ruins is one of the most visited places in the Bicol Region of the Philippines. In this image it shows the remains of part of the Franciscan Church that was rebuilt in 1724. The original Cagsawa Church that was built in 1636 was burned down by Dutch pirates. This church is located not far from the MT Mayon Volcano and was partially destroyed in the major eruption in 1814 by lava flow. Cagsawa Ruins is now part of a Cagsawa Ruins Park which is a very popular tourist spot and offers a great view of the MT. Mayon Volcano. If you want to capture some nice pictures of MT. Mayon I suggest you get there very early because the clouds rise fast and the top half of MT Mayon will be usually be blocked or covered in clouds after 10:00 AM depending on weather conditions.

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